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Getting Construction & Land Loans. Getting a traditional construction loan often requires a down payment, although it may be possible to recoup that in some cases. We’ll talk more about that shortly. When it comes to looking for a construction loan, it can pay to shop around.

McCaffery Interests and Hines Interests this week started construction on the condominium portion of their Lincoln Common mixed-use development, and now they have the financing to back it up. The.

One of the acceptable uses of VA loans is that they can be used to build a home on a piece of land. Qualified military borrowers can use VA entitlement toward a new construction mortgage.

fha construction to perm loan The interest rates for the market-rate 40-year construction-permanent rollover fha 221(d)(4)-insured loans are in the 5 percent range, even with the 45 basis-point mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP).

New Construction Loans We’ll help you build it. RBFCU offers one-time close construction loans with flexible terms, designed to help you finance the building of your new home. These loans offer a short-term, fixed-rate construction period which converts to a permanent fixed-rate mortgage upon completion of construction.

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If your dream house needs a lot of TLC, a renovation construction loan lets you wrap upgrade and repair costs into your permanent mortgage, says Sean Faries, CEO of Land Gorilla, a software company.

Construction & Land. Bank of Holland offers competitive financing for construction loans, whether you are having a home built for you or are your own general.

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New Build Houses  · A new build home is a blank canvas, with many development companies giving buyers the option to choose from a range of fixtures, finishes and flooring. Having this freedom to spec the house.

Construction Loans Construction to permanent financing with one simple loan package. Lot Loans Purchase the lot you want and select the financing option that makes the most sense for you. Recreational Land Loans Purchase land for hunting, horseback riding, fishing and other outdoor activities.

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